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Yamaha Drive2: Top Safety Features For the Fairway

Speed Control System

When you’re zipping around the course in a golf cart at speeds up to 19 mph, safety should be a top priority. That’s why Yamaha’s upgraded Drive2 golf cart model places a premium on cutting-edge safety innovations to protect both driver and passenger.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the stand-out safety features that make the Drive2 one of the most secure options to get around on the fairway.

Prevents Exceeding Safe Speeds

To address speed concerns, Yamaha engineered the Drive2 with its Speed Control System (SCS) that enables course administrators to digitally set per-hole maximum speed limits. The sophisticated technology integrates GPS mapping to determine the hole being played and automatically adjust the cart’s top allowed MPH accordingly. Trying to override and defeat the SCS will activate warning alarms and electronic notifications. This smart system allows speed flexibility by hole while deterring unsafe driving attempts.

Electric Braking System

While many golf carts still rely predominantly on traditional mechanical brake pads, the Drive2 instead utilizes a state-of-the-art Electronic Braking System (EBS) for smoother, more consistent braking control.

Rather than brake pads clamping rotors when the pedal is pressed, electronic sensors detect pressure and initiate timed regenerative braking to each wheel. This avoids sudden lock-ups while providing greater responsiveness and shorter stopping distances.

Advantages Over Mechanical Brakes

The EBS provides several advantages:

  • Gradual slowing for stable stops
  • Maintains traction and control on hills
  • Longer brake pad life without friction wear
  • Consistent pedal feel despite conditions

By moving to an electronic braking system, Yamaha made the Drive2 much safer for hills and fast driving scenarios.

All-Wheel Disc Brakes

Supplementing the electronic braking system, the Drive2 is equipped with disc brakes at each of its four wheels. Many cheaper carts still utilize old-fashioned drum brakes susceptible to wet failure.

Benefits of Disc Brakes:

● More durable to stand up to constant use
● Better heat dissipation to avoid fading or glazing
● Self-cleaning and drying by nature of open-air design ● Increased stopping power and stability

Having modern disc brakes installed on all wheels is a huge safety upgrade to reliably slow and halt at a moment’s notice.

Enhanced Suspension System

An often overlooked component with regards to occupant safety is the subtle but impactful role of suspension. Yamaha stretches the boundaries of golf cart suspension design to provide a smoother and safer Drive2 ride.

The secret lies in a revised independent rear suspension (IRS) integrating dual lateral control arms paired with longer coil-over shocks. This advanced system delivers superior cornering stability, balance over bumps, and progressive compression without jarring feels.

Bolstered further by wide lower-profile tires, the Drive2 suspension excels at traction and preventing rollovers in evasive maneuvers. On bumpy or wet terrain, it likewise soaks up contact patches to keep you grounded. The independent IRS also minimizes body roll, preventing unsettling lateral weight shifts.

Together, these cutting-edge safety technologies make the Yamaha Drive2 a secure, modern mobility solution for all course conditions. With attention to critical systems like speed governing, braking, and suspension, golfers can tackle even challenging trails in confidence. Prioritizing safety never goes out of style.